Citizenship Assistance

Joy of Sharing Foundation provides services to help eligible immigrants navigate the complex and difficult process of applying to be a U.S. Citizen. Becoming a US citizen for many is the fulfillment of a dream after a long immigrant journey. As a US citizen you are able to vote, travel freely, and petition for loved ones overseas, among many other benefits. So it is important that we try to help as many eligible people become US citizens as we can.

Come get assistance with:

– Step-by-step review of the naturalization process
– Assessment of your ability to naturalize
– Application preparation & document packaging, if eligible to naturalize
– Application review by an immigration attorney or qualified legal representative

Visit the MyUSCIS Website

Learn about the naturalization process and apply for citizenship online through the My USCIS Website

Visit the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center

Review resources from the U.S. government about naturalization, learn more about becoming a citizen, and access study and application materials.

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